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Special Motorsport Photo Project


In 2007, the MG Car Club of Qld celebrated forty years of operation of its hilllclimb venue at Mt Cotton by publishing a book covering the forty years of competition held there.

In order for this book to be compiled, photographs from the earliest days of competition were needed and photographer Brier Thomas gave access, at no cost, to the Club for use in the book.

All of his negatives of events at Mt Cotton were scanned but, of course, all couldn't be used. It seemed only sensible that the photos be made available to anyone interested in seeing them all and thus a photo disc was compiled and made available for sale. The disc, like others that have now followed, took the form of a catalogue of the photos with the potential for people wanting to purchase larger files of individual photos to do so at a reasonable price.

It then seemed natural to continue and scan more of Brier Thomas's negatives as he had been the official photographer at Lowood circuit and had also taken photos for many years at Lakeside and also at the Surfers Paradise circuit.

Consequently all of his Lowood, Lakeside and Surfers Paradise negatives have been scanned and made available on photo discs for use in your computer.

There are so many Lakeside photos that they have had to be on four discs covering the years 1961-1966; 1967-1972, 1973-1979, and 1980-1989.

Likewise, there are three discs for Surfers Paradise covering the years, 1966 -1970; 1971-1977 and 1978-1986.

Every negative of Brier's has been scanned and none of them has been altered or enhanced in any way.

These photo discs are available for sale from the MG Car Club of Qld Inc (an order form is available on the regalia page of their website ) or from here (Click here for an order form or email with your order.)

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